neonSound + Image presents a condensed survey of moviemaker Matt Amato’s ambient, intimate and skillful films in The Luminary’s Entry Gallery. It remains on view Thursday, October 23–Thursday, November 6.  The exhibition features highlights from Amato’s varied career, ranging from acclaimed music videos for artists such as Beach House and Bon Iver to previews of his recent feature-length film, The Makings of You, which premieres at the St. Louis International Film Festival on November 13.  B-Sides from The Makings Of You are on view in the window space 24 hours a day for the duration of the exhibition.  B-Sides, discarded music and poetry from the movie, faintly emits through an outside speaker while a monitor in the window encourages people passing-by to view their brick-lined city through a cinematic lens.  Vintage neon pieces from the collection of Greg Rhomberg illuminates the show.  Click hereluminary for photos by Jarred Gastreich.