Benjamin Kutsko

Music Videos

Henry Wolfe “Encino”

The Shoe “Broken Hearted Love Song”

PYYRAMIDS “Invisible Scream”

San Fermin “Sonsick”

Da Silva “Les Stations Balnéaires”

Givers “Meantime”

Alexander “A Million Years”

Harper Simon “Berkeley Girl”

Fawnhawk “Hunters Hide”

Xiaha Troden “Mira Negra”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Desert Song”


Alternative Apparel Spring 2011

Alternative Apparel “I Kind of Love You”


dublab: TONALISM 2010

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PYYRAMIDS "Invisible Scream"

A monochromatic throw-back to the heyday of grunge and punk rock, Pyyramids’ new music video “In

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Reels are a tricky business and we wanted to make one that didn't pull the wool over anyone's eyes,

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Autre Magazine

Masses directors Matt Amato and Benjamin Kutsko were recently featured in the second issue of

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"A Million Years" at SXSW

Congratulations to Masses director Benjamin Kutsko, whose music video for Alexander's "A Million Yea

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Da Silva "Les Stations Balnéaires"

Being an adult comes with a certain set of responsibilities--finding a job, keeping a job, paying th

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OMG! Cameras Everywhere!

Between the confetti, the silly string, the capes, the sloths, the scavenger hunts, the bands, the

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Givers "Meantime"

Everyone loves the thrill of exploring that place that's managed to survive untouched by the hands o

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Paper Magazine Summer Music Issue is now on the stands.  Inside it features a story about LA's musi

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Alexander "A Million Years"

Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes is lying on a table, face covered in moss.

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Harper Simon

The latest video from director Benjamin Kutsko is Harper Simon's Berkeley Girl.  Filmed entirely in

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'Hunter's Hide' is the majestic new work from director Benjamin Kutsko.  Filmed entirely in wilds o

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Benjamin Kutsko

In Benjamin Kutsko’s work, blood from a slashed neck transforms into rose petals that trickle acro

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Alternative Apparel's Fashion Week Taxi Cab Blitz

Running in 5000 taxis during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New Yorker's dashing in and out of fashi

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