Adventure Time “Sea of Tranquility”

alex pelly-5639

Alex Pelly, a graduate of the USC film program, started out at The Masses as an intern sent from the magical universe of dublab.  The multifarious Alex Pelly assisted on many projects as an editor, a cinematographer and also became the leader of The Masses’ vibrant internship program.  It wasn’t long before Alex became a full fledged director at The Masses and an innovative VJ artist for dublab, combining her impeccable taste with a willingness to experiment.  This daring in her work makes Alex a trailblazer as she continues to delight and stun her growing audience.Her videos for Javelin and ESP as part of dublab’s VisionVersion series are stunning examples of her craft.   In all her work, she’s able to capture energy and beauty in the same frame; the intensity set off by her laser like skills as an editor.  And, above all, she’s a perfectionist.

During the past year, Alex also co-edited the first movie from The Masses, The Makings Of You. During an endlessly snowy winter in St. Louis , she was passionately engaged in the lives of the story’s imaginary characters.  To the movie’s benefit, she was a perfectionist throughout the process. Alex now has music-driven movie ambitions of her own. Stay tuned to PellyVision!

Alex Pelly’s new music video for Adventure Time’s “Sea of Tranquility” is a true masterpiece. Rooted in an appreciation for silent cinema, it’s reminiscent of a time when most film sets were built on soundstages and backlots.  Boldly stepping away from the sphere of digital effects, the video features two lonely individuals stranded on their own handcrafted interstellar rocks – one on an alien planet, and one on the moon. With the help of some adorable space creatures and some magical shoes, they finally manage to meet and perform one beautiful dance together. Complete with whimsical stop-motion animation, out-of-this-world set design, and enchanting choreography, the video is full of throwback vibes that are, true to the song’s name, a refreshing dive into the sea of tranquility.


photo: Alex Brown