ESP “627”

Director Chris Coats’s short film/music video for ESP‘s song “627” is nothing short of extraordinary. With imagery abundant in life and color, the passion in this project is obvious from the get go.

It starts out starkly enough – a single crystal set in a cold, bare room. But when the music begins, the magic kicks in, and it’s pretty clear this is no ordinary crystal. As the melody draws us into another world, the video begins to take on a life and rhythm all of its own. This mystical, sun-kissed wonderland that we’re led into is home to three unique creatures, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Designed by the talented Simon Haas (whose work you may recall from Busdriver and Gala), these incredible creatures are strange, yes, but not frightening – foreign, but familiar in a way, as if we recognize something within these creatures that we’ve also seen before within ourselves. As this fantastic trio wanders the beautiful landscape, lush macro shots (captured by cinematographer Charlie Balch) accent the richness of their journey. Every rise and fall of this epic is punctuated by subtle textures, with music leading the way.

Then comes the crescendo – a kaleidoscopic explosion that pulsates with an energy that can only arise from something as genuine as this. Souls collide, and we’re completely swept up in this transformative whirlpool. Every shot flows over you, with each color cascading through your very core. It’s symbiosis at its finest.

Chris explains that his initial approach to the project was influenced by Haruki Murakami’s “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World,” whose imagery he found complemented the music quite well. “I already had all of this fantastic, futuristic imagery in my brain which was only amplified when hearing the song.” His vision definitely shines through. “It’s essentially a love song about longing. I really wanted to capture the longing we all have to find and get in touch with at the core of ourselves–the purest versions which can reside deep within our subconscious, a whole entire world unto itself–and so I envisioned a future where this might actually be possible.

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that “627” premiered today on The Fader. Click below to check it out.