Reels are a tricky business and we wanted to make one that didn’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, but still delivered a knockout viewing experience. Focusing on the most recent work from our current roster of directors, each and every shot tells an intriguing story. Together, the shots create an explosive review of all the sound and vision that continues to drive The Masses.  Alex Pelly, Alistair Legrand, Benjamin Kutsko, Chris Coats, Elliott Sellers, fourclops ::), Matt Amato, and Raúl Fernández are this season’s shot makers.

Any reel hangs on its music and our choice is aptly titled Theme For The Masses (1968) by the prog rock group, Ford Theater. There’s a faint hint of the refrain “Turn around bright eyes” in the melody that hooked us as well.  Speaking of music, The Masses feel truly blessed by the artists who gravitate towards us.  You’ll see glimpses of our work with the most influential musicians and artists of our generation.

Ever since Jack Richardson came on board as Executive Producer at The Masses almost 2 years ago, the quality and amount of The Masses output continues to excel.  This reel is a testament to all that hard work and the promise of what lies ahead.