Henry Wolfe “Encino”

Benjamin Kutsko’s new music video for the Henry Wolfe track “Encino,” is another shimmering collaboration with actress Jena Malone that takes you on a spectral journey to the end of the line in Los Angeles after the lights go down.  Her wanderlust in the night is a powerful expression of color and mood that follows her illusory experience through the valley in and out of a religious self-help meeting, slow dancing with a vending machine, being taken in by strangers and swimming amongst the stars.

Ben’s friendship with Jena and Henry Wolfe prompted this intimate collaboration and is actually the second time the trio has worked on a video together. In Ben’s 2011 “Berkeley Girl” music video for Harper Simon, Henry makes an acting cameo while Jena plays the elusive lead.

“Encino” made its initial premiere via MOCAtv and has since garnered a staff pick by Vimeo and made the IMVDB Best of October playlist.  Read more about the filmmaking process in this interview with Ben, Jena, Henry and Bullett Media here.