The Makings Of You


Writer/Director: Matt Amato
Producer: Jack Richardson

The Makings of You is a poignant story of self-discovery, love and loss. Set in writer/director Matt Amato’s hometown of St. Louis, the movie follows JUDY and WALLIS who converge in a shared dissatisfaction with their own lives and an indescribable attraction to each other. Caught between the freedoms that Wallis affords and the demands of her troubled family, Judy’s journey offers an alternative to cliché romantic archetypes. With its summertime weather, lush music and beautifully decaying surroundings, the movie is, above all, a classic love story.

As with his previous work, Matt continues to use music as a starting point and his primary source of inspiration, filling the narrative with poetry and song that inform the story. This movie world is rich with the sounds of vintage R&B and psychedelic rock as well as an orchestral score by Matt’s contemporaries Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Some new compositions from cast members Grant Leuchtner and Michael Varble will also appear on this far-reaching soundtrack. Such attention to sound and image is in keeping with The Masses’ original vision and mission. This company was founded on a love of music, and continues to thrive on that passion.

The movie’s formidable cast features Twin Peaks alums Sheryl Lee (JUDY) and Grace Zabriskie (Judy’s mother, MARGARET) alongside Mad Men’s, Jay R. Ferguson (WALLIS). The movie also introduces Masses artist-in-residence, Grant Leuchtner and fellow musician Michael Varble playing Judy’s sons (ROY and ERIC). Henry Goldkamp, St. Louis’ own “Rogue Poet,” plays Wallis’ roommate CARL. Local actors Antonio St. James, Elizabeth Ann Townsend and Craig Hawksley lend their strong support.

In support of this entire show was the incredible St. Louis crew. Associate Producers Bob Rocca, Kelsey Rightnowar and Sam Coffey as well as cinematographer Chris Benson simply opened the doors to the city for us. The favors they bestowed upon our production are too numerous to mention, but the moment they embraced this story there was more than enough jet fuel to see us through all of our challenges. The red 1964 Ford firetruck that kept showing up to make it rain was symbolic of the magical world that the great people of St. Louis helped us create.

Instrumental in the realization of this dream is the participation of executive producers Ron Creevey and John Hoekman. Having observed the progress of our work under the guidance of producer Jack Richardson, they too decided to commit to the passion and the future of The Masses.

The same creative spirit that has driven The Makings of You all the way to its final stages is exactly the same spirit that made Masses pioneer, Heath Ledger so passionate about it to begin with, long before he made his commitment to make this the first movie of The Masses Movie Co. Although Heath is no longer here to witness the realization of his contribution, The Makings of You stands as a testament to the fundamental creative spirit in all of us.

The Makings of You premieres in 2014.