Featured Posts: The Makings of You: Festivals + Reviews

Sheryl Lee as Judy

November 13th 2014 marked the world premiere of THE MAKINGS OF YOU.  The opening night selection of the 24th St. Louis International Film Festival, the movie received an enthusiastic response from the sold-out crowd at the historic Tivoli Theater

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Featured Posts: Adventure Time “Sea of Tranquility”

alex pelly-5639

Alex Pelly, a graduate of the USC film program, started out at The Masses as an intern sent from the magical universe of dublab.  The multifarious Alex Pelly assisted on many projects as an editor, a cinematographer and also became the leader of The Masses’ vibrant internship program.  It wasn’t long before Alex became a full fledged director at The Masses and an innovative VJ artist for dublab, combining her impeccable taste with a willingness to experiment.  This daring in her work makes Alex a trailblazer as she continues to delight and stun her growing audience.

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Featured Posts: The Makings Of You


Writer/Director: Matt Amato
Producer: Jack Richardson

The Makings of You is a poignant story of self-discovery, love and loss. Set in writer/director Matt Amato’s hometown of St. Louis, the movie follows JUDY and WALLIS who converge in a shared dissatisfaction with their own lives and an indescribable attraction to each other. Caught between the freedoms that Wallis affords and the demands of her troubled family, Judy’s journey offers an alternative to cliché romantic archetypes. With its summertime weather, lush music and beautifully decaying surroundings, the movie is, above all, a classic love story.

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Featured Posts: OMG Cameras Everywhere Summer 2013


OMG Cameras Everywhere began in the summer of 2011 with a Kickstarter page and a vivacious gang of kids and directors running amok in The Masses office. Two years later, OMG Everywhere is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization producing weeklong camps in Los Angeles, New York and London. We’ve certainly grown, but the mission remains the same – inciting a passion for filmmaking in kids and opening their eyes to the story making potential in the cameras now embedded everywhere in technology.

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Featured Posts: Crystal Fighters “You & I”

-1Director Elliott Sellers explores the fleetingness of life in his new video for “You & I” by the Crystal Fighters. This whimsical piece intercuts footage of a singing tree with artful shots of the band wandering through a serene landscape. The muted colors lend a relaxed air to the scene as the bird stoically watches the singing tree get cut down and taken to a sawmill.

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Featured Posts: 2013

Reels are a tricky business and we wanted to make one that didn’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, but still delivered a knockout viewing experience. Focusing on the most recent work from our current roster of directors, each and every shot tells an intriguing story. Together, the shots create an explosive review of all the sound and vision that continues to drive The Masses. 

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Featured Posts: Happy Holidays from the Masses!

It’s been a great year, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work on some really exciting projects with some amazing people. As we look forward to the new year, we want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone with whom we’ve crossed paths this year. We consider it a privilege to do the work we do alongside so many incredibly talented individuals, and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

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Featured Posts: Wild Nothing

In His Own Words. Masses Director, Matt Amato, on his vivid new music video for Wild Nothing:

“This video combines a lot of personal loves: music, books, nature and friendship. I loved Wild Nothing the moment I heard their first record Gemini and I jumped at the opportunity to make a video for the new record, Nocturne. My instincts told me to send Michelle Williams the three tracks they were considering for a video and she chose, Paradise.

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Featured Posts: ESP “627”

Director Chris Coats’s short film/music video for ESP‘s song “627” is nothing short of extraordinary. With imagery abundant in life and color, the passion in this project is obvious from the get go.

It starts out starkly enough – a single crystal set in a cold, bare room. But when the music begins, the magic kicks in, and it’s pretty clear this is no ordinary crystal.

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Featured Posts: Knife Party “Centipede”

“Nightmare inducing” does not even begin to describe Elliott Sellers’s music video for Australian duo Knife Party. “Centipede,” which has more in common with a short film than your average music video, brings creepy crawly to another level. Drawing inspiration from the 90’s horror flick “Naked Lunch,” Centipede tells the story of an exterminator as he attempts to fight off hordes of deadly critters.

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